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Celebrating Legacy: The Annual Mike Bossy Tribute Painting Release!

Mike Bossy Painting in a Black And White filter
Mike Bossy

A year has swiftly passed since that magical night at the USB arena when we celebrated Mike Bossy. The memories are etched in our hearts, an experience I will forever cherish. A huge shout-out to the NY Islanders for creating such a memorable moment!

Save the Date: January 22nd - A Special Day in Our Hearts

On this day, we celebrate not just any occasion but my father's birthday. Although he's not physically with us, I believe he's watching from heaven, intrigued by the love and celebration happening on his special day. Dad, I'm keeping my promise to take care of Mom, Tanya, and the little ones.

Honoring a Legend through Art

Together, my father and I embarked on a unique project, a tribute to the hockey legend, Mike Bossy. Despite my initial reservations about hockey and drawing men, I embraced the challenge for you, Dad. Your absence, while making it easier, is a constant reminder of the perfectionism and dedication you instilled in me.

Introducing the Annual Mike Bossy Tribute Painting

I've decided to create a special Mike Bossy tribute painting each year on your birthday. These unique pieces will be available for purchase, and who knows, maybe they'll find a home with a fellow admirer. For those who've supported me by purchasing prints in the past, I'm offering a limited number of prints on my website.

Make It Yours: Personalized Prints

Every print order comes with a special touch – the buyer can add one original detail, making each piece uniquely meaningful. This is my way of thanking the incredible fans who've encouraged me throughout the years.

Supporting a Cause: Mike Bossy Memorial Fund

In honor of my father's legacy, a portion of the profits will be donated to the Mike Bossy Memorial Fund. This fund is dedicated to educating the public and professionals about lung cancer, breaking stigmas, and supporting prevention programs. Our goal is to prevent the heartbreak of losing a loved one to late-detected cancer.

Mark Your Calendar: Prints on Sale January 22nd

Stay tuned for the launch of the prints on January 22nd. Join me in personalizing your print and contribute to a cause that my father would be immensely proud of.

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