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Several scientific studies highlights the benefits of art therapy as a powerful and effective tool to reduce anxiety and to express distress that words cannot express. Thus, the practice of art therapy would help many people who have experienced post-traumatic shocks as is the case with the many victims of physical and psychological violence. Through the practice of art, these people can free themselves from a burden without having to talk about it. through the practice of art, you can gain self-confidence and you will gradually develop a tolerance to emotions that can be difficult to achieve in conventional therapy. The context of the pandemic and the confinement we have experienced have highlighted the problems of domestic violence against women in large proportions. It is high time to act as a community to say No to these forms of violence. For 26 years, LRDF has been welcoming and caring for women who are homeless or at risk of falling into it. Survivors of severe trauma, these women knocking on their doors are in chronic post-traumatic stress disorder: they are broken, and they have lost their relational health – the vital ability to be safe and connected, with oneself and with others. This organization uses art therapy as a preferred approach to curing homelessness and domestic violence. Thus, the profits from the sale of works from the Sante Relational collection will be redistributed to the benefit of RDF activities. This initiative is also supported by SOS domestic violence: the gateway and reference in terms of violence in Quebec


Mixed media arts initiation project (aerosol, acrylic, gouache, ink, stencils, collage, graffiti lettering) and implementation of a project in the form of visibility or through murals Main objective Through the creative process, to bring young people to develop their creative potential through a unique project that represents them and highlights the values of the MDJ. Secondary objective: -Allow the young person the opportunity to experiment with different styles and techniques. -Develop the style that resembles them and adapts to their image -Improve their skills both practical and technical -Improve their self-esteem and self-knowledge -Develop planning, design, and creative skills through an artistic approach. -Allow the young person to live a rewarding and enriching experience with the final project -Develop attitudes such as perseverance, creativity, patience, team spirit, and healthy management of emotions -Consolidate their identity as artists -Develop skills for collaboration, sharing, and teamwork.

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