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Josiane Bossy

I invite you to my website where you can experience and feel art.

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My Story

Josiane Bossy is a self-taught artist who spent the early years of her life in New York before settling in Laval and, more recently, in Montreal.

Art has always been a part of her life, but it was through studies in social work that she truly took flight, and everything fell into place. Indeed, it was through her work with children and adolescents that she gained a better understanding of human nature and her own personal nature.

Her studies allowed her to develop a more positive relationship with herself and gradually solidify an identity that reflects her personality and values. An identity that is reflected through her art.

Josi draws inspiration primarily from street art and pop art, incorporating, through her compositions, more subdued and realistic touches. Within her universe, realism and fiction collide, where order and chaos meet.

Generally, the message she aims to convey in her works is imbued with pacifism and beauty. You will see well-felt states of mind, and it is through femininity that she has found her niche.

All her experiences have allowed her to make a living from her creations.

Indeed, Josi enjoys responding to the diverse needs expressed by her clients. This has led her to create over a hundred works for a highly diverse clientele with requests as varied as the clients themselves.

Josiane knows how to adapt and be flexible. Her ability to understand humans above all enables her to bring to life even your wildest dreams.



 Hi Josiane - I finally got the print framed and wanted to send you a pic of it hanging in my office! Everyone here loves it although they are all Lightning fans :-) The smaller picture to the left is of me and you dad - he is my all time favorite player (I grew up on Long Island), and it was a joy to meet him at the time. 
Anyway, thank you again - your work is amazing. "


Thanks for your message!

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