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Mike Bossy's Stanley Cup Ring Sets New Auction Record - A Triumph for Hockey History

Updated: Feb 25

As I embark on the morning of February 13, heading to the Heritage office in downtown New York, the anticipation is palpable. A nearly 8-hour drive, including rest stops, brings me closer to the premium winter auction where my father's sports treasures will take center stage. The next two days promise a mix of media coverage, public viewings, and a celebratory cocktail event for those eager to be part of sports history.

Standing amidst the grandeur of New York's iconic buildings, I can't help but reflect on the immense world around me. The memories, once tucked away, resurface, reminding me of the profound impact my father had on those who crossed his path. His dedication to hockey not only earned him the title of a goal-scoring maestro but also left an indelible mark on the lives of fans.

The Heritage staff has meticulously curated a catalog, offering a detailed narrative of the provenance of each item. These objects are more than artifacts; they represent my father's unwavering passion and commitment to his sport. As I leaf through the pages, the significance of the legacy he left behind becomes even more apparent.

This journey takes an emotional turn as I grapple with the decision to let go of my father's valuable treasures. Amidst the pain of parting, I look to the sky, almost expecting his opinion. Perhaps a bit eccentric, but in these moments, it feels like a connection beyond the tangible.

Two days later, news arrives that my father's Stanley Cup rings have skyrocketed in value. A new world record is in the making, a testament to the enduring reverence for my father's legacy. Pride wells up within me, not just as his daughter but as someone proud of his accomplishments.

The realization that my decision to share his memorabilia with the world has contributed to this record-breaking moment is bittersweet. It's a triumph, yet it reignites the pain of loss. However, the hockey world's acknowledgment of my father's unparalleled value is a victory that resonates beyond the auction floor.

As I take a moment to celebrate my father's achievements, I can't linger too long. The clock strikes 5 am, and I find myself back at work, writing and waiting for inspiration. Each day is an opportunity to adjust, change the game, and give my best.

For those intrigued by the unfolding narrative and wishing to connect with the deeply personal aspects of this journey, explore the auction at It's not just a chance to acquire sports memorabilia; it's an invitation to be part of my father's ongoing legacy through my eyes and emotions.

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