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Honoring Mike Bossy's Legacy: Donations to the community by Leyland

Updated: May 24

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Leyland Gordon, a passionate hockey enthusiast who made a significant contribution to preserving Mike Bossy's legacy in the game. Leyland generously donated a collection of Mike Bossy's memorabilia from the Heritage Auction to charity, showcasing his deep admiration for the sport and its iconic figures.

Reflecting on Mike Bossy's impact, Leyland emphasized Bossy's exceptional talent as a goal scorer and his unwavering sportsmanship, even in the face of adversity and violence on the ice. Bossy's dedication to playing the game with integrity and refusing to engage in fights left a lasting impression on Leyland, shaping his own values in sportsmanship and fair play.

One of the most touching moments Leyland shared was his encounter with Mike Bossy himself. This interaction left a profound mark on Leyland, reinforcing his admiration for Bossy's character both on and off the ice.

Regarding his decision to donate Bossy's memorabilia to charity, Leyland expressed a deep desire to honor Bossy's legacy and contribute to causes that align with Bossy's values.

As we celebrate Mike Bossy's remarkable career and the generosity of individuals like Leyland, we also look forward to a new initiative.

I have partnered with Katrina, who I introduced you to in my first blog to join forces to launch a new product—a specially designed mouse pad, with a portion of the profits going directly to the Mike Bossy Memorial Fund dedicated to research, prevention, treatment, and battling cancer.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the mouse pad collection as well as collaborations with other artist interested in sports art.

Let's continue honoring legends like Mike Bossy and supporting meaningful initiatives that make a difference in our communities.

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