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The Story Of The Original Painting "The Boss"

Growing up with a brother who is a die-hard Islanders fan you get to know the player's names quickly- Bossy, Trotter, Potvin, Smith...but Bossy was my brother's hockey hero.

So when it came to getting him something special for his 50th I had to do some thinking. I knew Mike Bossy's daughter, Josiane, was an artist. I had some pieces from her already and I absolutely love her work! So, I asked her if she would be willing to do a portrait of her dad that I could give as a gift to my brother and also would her dad sign it. She agreed and so did her dad.

The creation was completely up to her as I know how much Josiane loves her dad and I knew that the inspiration for this piece would come from her heart! I had no doubt this portrait would be extraordinary and it was! The detail put into it was exceptional.

On the day of my brother's 50th, he was speechless for a few moments. Saying he loved it is an understatement. He cherishes this piece. It is placed in a prominent area of his home for all who enter to enjoy.

The portrait of "The Boss", is a true testament to a legend, a work of art with love from a daughter and a fan gift that is priceless because the work was created by the daughter of my brother's favorite player EVER, Mike Bossy!

Thank you Josiane for helping me make my brother's 50th very special.

- Katrine


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